Wednesday, January 11, 2006

seats are still available...

...for our January 17 workshop on "Blogging for Your Business," to be held from 9:30 am to 1 pm at the National Press Club. Some comments from the previous session:

Terrific seminar. If you can teach a non-techy lawyer this stuff, you can teach anyone...Very hands-on. Pace was fabulous...I was fully engaged the entire time...Very informative, easy to follow and helpful...Thorough and fast-moving. Adding the interactivity of creating your own blog was good. This definitely piqued my interest...Extremely thorough...walked us through developing a blog step-by-step...I wanted to know if there was something useful I should be doing and now I see many applications--thanks.

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Zeke said...

This is indeed a great class. Five rows of modern PCs, three to a row. A well prepared set of slides and exercises for creating a blog, generating different kinds of posts, and, most importantly, how to think through what you're trying to accomplish.

Key tip: Bring your coffee with you. The closest coffee is from Corner Bakery in the basement of the Press Club.