Monday, January 23, 2006

give me the guitar feedback, any day

"Feedback, as any rock guitarist can tell you, is not always a pleasant-sounding thing," writes New York Times business columnist David Carr today, as he analyzes the issues around reader comments to blogs in the wake of the Washington Post's announcement that it would no longer allow comments. The move was a response to hundreds of angry, personalized and even "foul" comments posted in response to an item from the Post's ombudsman. Carr's column looks at how other media sites have handled similar issues, and notes that even popular blogs like Boing Boing have turned off their comments sections for similar reasons. We can help you think through how you will handle and respond to comments before you activate that function on your blog, and create a comments policy for you. Email us at for more information. (And note that Carr elicits reader comments at the end of his column...via the somewhat more manageable snail-mail system!)

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