Tuesday, January 10, 2006

check your credibility...

...but not at the door. That's the golden rule in reputation management for nonprofit organizations, and many major nonprofits are finding themselves under intense scrutiny by professional groups, the Congress and other regulators. A recent example: The Council on Foundations has placed the J. Paul Getty Trust on probation while it investigates charges of misused funds, excessive travel and entertainment spending, inappropriate compensation for the CEO and potential self-dealing. At the Nature Conservancy, a major board overhaul took place last year, prompted by an investigative article in the Washington Post; the fallout includes an IRS investigation into misuse of funds and self-dealing. <don't get caught President Denise Graveline will speak about The Credibility Checklist for Nonprofits at the February 7 meeting of Washington, D.C.'s American Marketing Association nonprofits special interest group. For more information, contact organizer Jennifer Bolick at jennifer@richfieldproductions.com.

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