Tuesday, January 17, 2006

bloggers hit the road, and some get caught

Today, as we're teaching our second workshop on "Blogging for Your Business" at the National Press Club, you may want to read about business travelers who blog...some of whom get caught because, like many bloggers, they feel their online diaries are seen by them alone. Today's New York Times article, surveying the business-travel-blog scene, quotes one blogger saying "After word got out about my blog, a lot of people from work started reading it...I felt as if I lost my anonymity." No kidding. We say plan ahead when you blog, to consider who may read your posts and how they'll react. Today's blogging workshop is our last one for January. If you wanted to attend, but couldn't make it, email us at info@dontgetcaught.biz to get on the list for the next round of workshops, coming soon.


betsy said...

Denise -- love the dry humor and how it reinforces your biz goal: preparation. Betsy

test said...

Your workshop on blogging is outstanding, Denise. Great job!

diva said...

Great walk through the blogosphere.
Check out fantasymuse to see my first time and let me know about your relationship with personal technology.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the class. I would much appreciate getting the slides.

Campbell Gardett

Kristina said...

As someone who spends way too much time on the road .. mostly stranded in various airports across the globe, the temptation to vent in a blog is always there. My friends might think I'm living 'la vida loca' but mostly, it's just loca.

This article gives me a few more good reasons why I should follow my mother's advice and hold my tongue.

Anonymous said...

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