Tuesday, October 18, 2005

blogging your next meeting

As a media relations strategy, consider creating a blog -- even temporarily -- if you expect reporters to cover your organization's next conference or meeting. A blog will allow you to show links to important background materials or papers, and to web sites on related topics; biographical information about speakers; immediate updates on changes to room locations, news conferences, and other last-minute logistics; and small tidbits of background information that wouldn't warrant a news release or news conference, but could help reporters covering you, both on-site and remotely. Because blogs are simple to update quickly, you can be faster and more flexible in your updates, compared to publishing the information on your organization's web site. Consider as a model ABC News's "The Note," which began as a web log by ABC producers covering the presidential elections, first for internal use, then -- due to demand from other reporters -- on the web for all to see. You'll see they mix commentary, updates, calendar items, and the best rundown on what announcements are and are not expected each day, as well as background on players in politics. (You should be reading the Note daily if you work in or around politics, or need to know quickly what other groups' major announcements are likely to dominate the news.) For more ideas on blogging to reach reporters, contact Denise Graveline at info@dontgetcaught.biz.

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