Thursday, September 01, 2005

we see you on the radio... the clever tagline for this month's preferred referral, News Generation, a well-respected source of radio news. If you're promoting a news story, they package the story, pitch it, and provide you with a detailed report on who was reached, when and where. If you're a station news director, they're a consistent source of newsworthy stories, professionally produced -- so much so that they've attracted a vast network of stations that accept their stories even before the pitch is done. The trick: They insist on content that's credible news. You can see and hear examples of their radio news stories on the website they offer as a source for radio stations. Many organizations are seeing success placing stories on issues in the news, from healthcare to homeland security. News Generation offers public service announcements, radio tours, audio news releases and more. Contact them at and tell them we sent you.

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