Thursday, September 01, 2005

strategy of sharing

In the new edition of A Field Guide for Science Writers, the official guide of the National Association of Science Writers, don't get caught president Denise Graveline offers an insight about communicating science from an institution, advising communicators to collaborate to extend the reach of a news release. When your institution or researcher has science news to share, take the time to coordinate in advance with science communicators who can help spread the word -- and stretch your budget and manpower. For example, if your organization publishes research journals, develop a system for notifying authors' PR contacts well in advance so they can be working to disseminate; if your researcher's presenting at a major meeting, check in with the meeting sponsor to see what else can be done to highlight your speaker. Few communicators take this extra step, and they miss out on expanded networks and opportunities. The 2d edition of the Field Guide for Science Writers is now available here at, and we recommend you add this expanded and revised edition to your office bookshelf now. Check here to learn more about the contents and the expert collaborators who put this edition together. For more strategies to enhance your research communications, contact Denise Graveline at

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