Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wrist rest?

When overtaxed writers ask us which wrist brace or rest we use, we recommend strength training instead. The trainers at City Fitness taught us how to do wrist weight lifting using dumbbells of 2-3 pounds. Try these 3 exercises, 3 times a week, 12-15 reps each:

- hold one dumbell in each hand, arms extended in front of you, palm facing down and wrist level with arm; drop the weight down, then back to level, for a wrist lift.
- the reverse, a wrist curl: hold dumbbell in front, palm up and wrist level with arm, start with weight below arm level and curl up to arm level.
- for wrist rotation: hold each dumbbell at one end with your arms in front of you, rotate them away from each other in an arc so that your wrist moves from palm facing down to palm facing up.

You also can strengthen the upward motion of your hand muscles (the opposite of what typing does) with a heavy rubber band -- use the kind that come around asparagus bunches. Hold all the fingers of one hand together in a little bundle, as if you're pinching something; wrap the band around your fingers once or twice, then splay the fingers out as far as you can and retract back together. Do 15 repetitions, then repeat on the other hand. Keeping these tools of the trade in shape is the best investment a writer can make.

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