Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Confining your remarks...

...gets a new twist this week with a Supreme Court decision that means jail confinement for reporters from TIME magazine and the New York Times, both of whom refuse to divulge to a special prosecutor the names of their confidential sources and what the sources said. Today, a federal appeals court ordered four more reporters -- including top science and environmental reporter H. Josef Hebert of the Associated Press -- to divulge confidential sources or face $500-a-day fines in another case. Click here to read today's William Safire op-ed reminding why it's important to preserve the rights of journalists to keep confidential sources. Denise Graveline's favorite tip for assessing a good op-ed: You should be able to read the first and last paragraphs and know the writer's point of view. (In the Safire op-ed, the numbered list at the article's conclusion makes his views entirely clear.) We urge you to support freedom of the press -- and to aim for stronger starts and finishes in your op-eds. For more on how to do that, email us at

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